LeadScripts Lifetime Deal $99, Best AI Copywriting Software

LeadScripts Lifetime Deal

If you need to write quality content but are so busy with advertising, email marketing, lead funnels, and many more important works.
Do you need a tool that does higher conversion and generates high-quality copy?

I am here to introduce LeadScripts lifetime deal.

Helps you write a convincing article or blog post, and you don’t need to go out and find it.
With artificial intelligence writers, your original articles can be produced almost instantly for a very reasonable price.

What is LeadScripts?

LeadScripts is one of the Best AI Copywriting Software that helps you create dynamic sales pages, emails, blog posts, and ads copy.
It uses the power of artificial intelligence to generate content ideas for you or your clients.
It has been designed to be used by people who have no experience in software development or marketing.

The main idea behind this technology is to help people who don’t have a lot of writing skills but need to write well enough copy to get their job done.

Who LeadScripts is Best for:

Best for:

    • Freelancer
    • Startup Company
      Content creators
    • Bloggers
    • Solopreneurs and
    • Digital marketers looking to leverage copy for capturing and converting leads

How LeadScripts Features Help You:

LeadScripts offers a wide range of features that are able to satisfy people who are looking for software to help you create content for your marketing needs, including funnels, emails, and sales pages.

Some highlighted features are mentioned below.

Copywriting Assistant:

Just go ahead and put in the details about your product or service to get unique scripts for your business

Next, you have to customize, copy and paste the script you need for your next project.
It’s a copywriting ai powered assistant that’s easy to use, complete with everything you need to write perfect copy.

Get Unique Funnel Scripts:

Funnels are a hellishly difficult task and they often need to be customized according to their varying needs and timelines.

Never worry about a funnel again! LeadScripts simplify the process. Just choose a funnel type and specify a product to create funnels based on your needs!

They’ll give you all the copy you need to finish your funnels instantly. It’s that easy!

Brainstorm Ideas:

The AI generator can generate brainstorming ideas and the best possible ad, blog post, and blog post titles based on your keywords.

Headlines are perhaps the most important part of any ad that drives conversions. LeadScripts has a number of tools to help you achieve one on top.

Supports 120+ Languages:

LeadScripts also supports over 120+ languages.
You will get all scripts translated into the next working language with a click of a button!

Customizable Email Scripts:

Customize and Go! no more writing an email from scratch again.
You can quickly create lead magnets, onboarding emails, and feedback requests without hiring more expensive freelancers.

Generate Ad Scripts:

Customize and Go! no more writing an email from scratch again.
You can quickly create lead magnets, onboarding emails, and feedback requests without hiring more expensive freelancers.

Answering Questions:

LeadScripts can be used to answer a few questions and access hundreds of customizable and proven scripts to boost your business.

LeadScripts Lifetime Deal (Best AI Copywriting Software) Includes:

    • Lifetime access to LeadScripts (Best AI Copywriting Software)
    • Stack up to 2 codes
    • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
    • 800+ scripts
    • 20+ funnels
    • Script wizard
    • Email scripts
    • Funnel scripts and element generators
    • Script formulas
    • Ad scripts
    • SEO metadata scripts
    • Headlines, bulleted lists, subheadings, paragraphs, and more
    • No software to install

How to get 10% off in AppSumo?

  • Visit the “LeadScripts Lifetime Deal” page.
  • Wait for a second, a discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your Email to receive the discount.
  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Discount is eligible for new users only

LeadScripts Regular Pricing:

Starter Plan – $49
    • Access to ALL Scripts
    •  20,000 AI Word Quota
    •  Save 3 Products
    •  No Teams (1 User Seat)
All Acces Plan – $99
    • Access to ALL Scripts, Funnels, Ads…
    •  100,000 AI Words Monthly Quota
    •  Save Unlimited Products
    •  Teams Active (5 Team Members)

AppSumo LeadScripts Lifetime Deal Pricing:

Single Plan – $99
    • All features above included
    • 3 team members
    • 10,000-AI-word monthly quota
    • Unlimited products
Double Plan – $198
    • All features above included
    • 20 team members
    • Unlimited-AI-word monthly quota
    • Unlimited products

After knowing the regular and lifetime pricing plans, you may agree that the lifetime plan is far better than the regular price.

Most of the deals on AppSumo sell out in a week, so if you want to buy it, you should buy it before the deal ends.

Salah Uddin Mahdi

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